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Securing my dream job wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support and expertise of Trish. From the moment I submitted my application to the day I walked through the doors as a new employee, Trish was there every step of the way, guiding me through the recruitment process with professionalism and care.
Trish not only facilitated seamless communication between myself and the hiring managers but also provided valuable insights and advice that helped me prepare for each stage of the interview process. Her attention to detail and personalized approach made me feel like more than just another candidate; she took the time to understand my strengths, aspirations, and career goals, ensuring that the role was the perfect fit for both myself and the company.

Even after I was offered the position, Trish continued to go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition into my new role. From assisting with onboarding paperwork to providing resources for professional development, her support didn’t end with the job offer – it was just the beginning of a fantastic journey.

I am incredibly grateful for Trish’s dedication, expertise, and genuine commitment to helping me succeed. Her proactive approach to recruitment and her passion for matching candidates with the right opportunities set her apart as a true industry leader.

I am very thankful for your support, Trish, for believing in me and for your valuable support throughout the hiring process.

Transportation Manager

I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional experience I had with The Administrative Alliance in helping me land my first field job fresh out of college. Audrey Keates is extremely professional, leaves no stone unturned to get to know you, and is quick to communicate about interview(s), feedback, and application status, and is in constant touch with the candidate and the employer throughout the process. As a new graduate, it was becoming extremely tiring and hard for me to find a job in my area of interest and education, but Audrey helped me match my skill set with the right job and the right employer and I couldn’t be happier! Would strongly recommend their services to anyone seeking a personalized and rewarding recruiting experience.

Systems Analyst

Diana and Trish from The Administrative Alliance, were absolutely amazing in finding me a career that suited me best. Not only did they set me up for success during the interview process, they also gave me so much support in preparation. I can say with confidence no other recruitment experts have ever done what Diana & Trish did. I felt so prepared and really enjoyed the process. I have recommended The Administrative Alliance to many of my friends and family because I know they are honest and will set you up for success. Thank you Diana and Trish for giving me the confidence I needed in my career hunt!


Regardless of your career trajectory or skillset, no one is (or wants to be!) a professional job seeker. There are so many factors to consider and proliferating online job postings and recruiting apps have only added more layers of complexity to the process. Will a human being look at my resume and cover letter? If so, how will my experience look to a prospective employer? How will my professional goals and personality align with a new organization?

Audrey and Trish did a remarkable job of helping me to answer these questions and make informed decisions regarding my future. I felt supported through every stage of the search, and I got a palpable sense of their staffing acumen. By taking the time to get to know me and understand my expectations, they were able to proceed with confidence, leaving no doubt regarding their equally holistic grasp of the hiring manager’s needs.

If you are looking for a job – or looking to fill a position – in the Greater Toronto Area, I cannot recommend The Administrative Alliance highly enough. Thanks so much for your help!

Bilingual Client Services

Working with the Administrative Alliance has been great but an absolute pleasure because of Audrey Keates.  She really takes into consideration your qualifications, experience and skills.  Asking the right questions about specifics in your C.V. allows her to present you in the best and most favourable light.

Audrey also gets to know you, over many calls and meetings, to get a better understanding of where you might be a better fit.  She knows when to and when not to proceed with a possible opportunity if that may not be in the best interests for that candidate.  Navigating in this space and the way that she does only adds value when Audrey acts on the candidates behalf in a process that can be very daunting at times.

Thank you Audrey and the team at Administrative Alliance for all your help, support and guidance through the process!  Keep up the great work!

Legal Assistant

Thanks to the exceptional services provided by Audrey at The Administrative Alliance, I successfully navigated my career transition. The expertise and support of The Administrative Alliance was instrumental in connecting me with the perfect opportunity, and I am forever grateful for their guidance in shaping my professional path.

Law Clerk

Working with Audrey and Diana was a very positive experience. They walked me through the entire interview and hiring process as well as answered my many questions. They were very open, friendly, and professional.

I would definitely recommend using this search firm.

Administrative Assistant

I am delighted to recommend Trish, who played a pivotal role in assisting myself in securing new employment. Throughout the entire process, Trish consistently demonstrated qualities that set her apart as an exceptional professional. One of Trish’s most outstanding attributes is her commitment to open and constant communication. From our initial contact to the final stages of negotiation, Trish kept me well informed and up-to-date with every development. Whether it was through phone calls or e-mails, I always felt well supported and valued as a candidate. Transparency and honesty are virtues that Trish embodies wholeheartedly. Trish always provided candid feedback, guiding me towards making informed decisions that were in my best interest. I truly appreciate her sincere and straightforward approach, which instilled a sense of trust and confidence in the process. Beyond her professional expertise, Trish’s friendly and approachable demeanor fostered a positive and supportive atmosphere. Trish took the time to understand my career aspirations, strengths, current challenges and preferences, ensuring that the opportunities presented were not only aligned with my skills but also my professional values such as cultural fit.

In conclusion, I cannot speak highly enough of Trish’s professionalism and exceptional service she provided throughout the process. Trish’s constant communication, transparency, honesty and friendly nature make her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking career guidance and placement assistance. I would recommend Trish and your office to anyone.

Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Audrey and Diana were wonderful to work with! They are extremely pleasant, always willing and ready to be available for any questions/ concerns. They were by my side from the start of the process all the way to the end of the process and even checked in after to ensure everything was good.  Extremely transparent and good at ensuring both candidate and employer are a good fit. Would certainly use the services again either in the employer role or the seeker role.

Bilingual HR Manager

Diana and Trish were a pleasure to work with. From the very first screening call and up until I was placed in the role, they were by my side and made the entire process a breeze. The recruitment process is nerve wrecking for a candidate usually, but this was the smoothest and most positive experience I have ever had. Both of them constantly followed up with me and ensured they were setting me up for success with their client. Diana and Trish were great at judging who would be the right fit for the role and I am so excited for the new opportunity and can’t wait to begin my next adventure. In the future, if I am on the other end of the process and need to hire someone, I would most definitely choose to work with them.

Human Resources Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Diana during my job search, and I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work and support she provided me throughout the process. From our initial conversation to the final stages of hiring, Diana was there every step of the way, providing guidance and support to ensure I was prepared for every interview and had all the information to make informed decisions.

Thanks to Diana’s expertise, I was able to secure an amazing job that is a perfect fit for my skills and career goals. Diana is a professional and dedicated recruiter, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for work in the administrative field!

E. Gupta
Administration and Client Support

Diana is incredibly warm and inviting, her empathetic and keen approach helped me hone in on a role that I wouldn’t have been able to realize on my own. The guidance I received during resume and interview preparation allowed me to feel at ease before going into the real thing. She was attentive to my needs and checked in with me regularly to make sure I was comfortable and that the role was the right fit. Overall, Diana would be the first person I would recommend to a friend when seeking new opportunities.

Alex D.
Business Services Coordinator

I would highly recommend The Administrative Alliance, a division of The Mason Group. Audrey Keates is an absolute gem! She goes above and beyond to make finding the perfect career a positive and empowering experience!! She is exceptional at recruiting and thinks long term when connecting people with employers to make sure you are a great fit for the company and to see people excel at their fullest potential. If you have any hesitation working with a recruiter, I can easily say you are in good hands with Audrey K. and have nothing to worry about! So thankful for The Administrative Alliance and Audrey Keates.

Audrey B.
Service Coordinator

Audrey was extremely professional and helpful in my endeavors of seeking new employment. She was clear and concise in assisting me throughout the interviewing process and consistently followed-up in a timely manner. She was always readily available and promptly answered my emails and phone calls. She offered excellent tips regarding my resume and interview and provided a simple and convenient process for reference/background checks. Audrey and the Administrative Alliance were a vital part in my success of acquiring a fantastic new position and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking employment in the administrative field!


Trish was very helpfully throughout the process of the job search. She provided updates throughout and always followed up. When I had an interview she was available to walk me through the questions that could be asked and gave me updates on who I would be meeting with. She made an effort to make sure I was comfortable with the company I was meeting with and if there were any questions she was able to provide me answers. She made this process very easy and stress free which made a big difference in allowing me to be successful in my job search. I would recommend everyone to have Trish on your side.

H. Scott
Operations Manager

Working with Diana was a pleasure. She understood our staffing needs and provided excellent candidates. I’m happy to use The Administrative Alliance again and recommend this search firm to my colleagues.

Chief Operating Officer

Farah is an outstanding professional, attentive, responsive, highly-skilled and engaging. Her expertise in the recruitment process, from the first interview through the completion are remarkable, as she provides timely feedback, suggestions and regular updates. Farah puts her maximum efforts to ensuring a smooth and successful recruitment process, and I would strongly recommend her.

Borjana B.
VP, Strategic Marketing and Communications

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the excellent job that both Audrey and Diana did in helping me secure my desired job. They were both incredibly supportive and professional throughout the entire recruitment process, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Audrey’s attention to detail and her ability to understand my specific needs and requirements were truly impressive. She was always available to answer any questions I had and provided me with valuable advice and guidance. Diana was equally as helpful and her positive attitude and great communication skills made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. I would highly recommend both Audrey and Diana to anyone looking for a new job opportunity. Their commitment to providing excellent customer service and their ability to match the right candidate with the right job is truly admirable. I am extremely grateful to them for helping me secure my desired job and I look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you both for your hard work, and dedication and for making this process as smooth as possible.

Jeevan A.
HR Coordinator

I loved working with Audrey! She recognized my skills and guided me through the recruiting process. I was hired for the position I was interested in, and I look forward to my next phase in my career.

Office Administrator

I had an amazing experience with The Administrative Alliance. Audrey Keates has provided outstanding guidance and support since our first contact. She made sure to spend the necessary time to understand my professional goals, skills, and personality to perfectly align with the next steps in my career. Our interactions were always extremely productive. I was able to secure a role as an Executive Assistant at a well-established company through a very smooth process with constant updates and transparent communication. I highly recommend The Administrative Alliance services and congratulate Audrey personally for her extraordinary performance and professionalism. Thank you again for all your support. I could not have done it without you!

Executive Assistant

Amazing experience working with Audrey Keates. She was professional and helpful in answering questions I had. The whole process was smooth. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for new roles and better opportunities to get in touch with the team. Thank you once again Audrey!

HR Analyst

I have worked with Trish to help secure a rewarding job and in the short time we did work together, she was nothing but supportive, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and most of all, listened to what my needs and wants were, and in the end she helped me succeed in finding my Job. I would and have recommend Trish to help in any of your future adventures. Thank you Trish for all you do and have done.

Order Desk and Customer Service Representative

Professional, experienced and great service. Diana was excellent in helping me find a great job in the accounting industry.

Anna B
Administrative Assistant

I can’t thank Diana enough for launching me into the next phase of my career! I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for when I first reached out to The Administrative Alliance. But working closely with Diana through in depth discussions, going over my resume and just taking the time to learn about me as a person, she was able to find me my dream job and I couldn’t be happier! She was with me every step of the way, scheduling interviews, offering helpful tips and areas of research, as well as following up after each meeting. Her years of experience and genuine interest in connecting her clients with the right individuals are what sets her apart and make the whole process a positive experience.

Administrative Coordinator

Working with Audrey K. from The Administrative Alliance was easy, smooth, and very professional. I first met Audrey in 2021 and we reconnected in 2022 when I was in search of a new job position. She was very understanding, accommodating to my job preferences, and was in constant communication throughout the whole process. When I felt like I was in a desperate position in terms of my career, Audrey made me feel safe and reassured. After working together for about a month, I was able to successfully secure a job that best suits me and my job expectations. All done in the hands of Audrey and The Administrative Alliance. The process of going through multiple interviews, receiving job offers, background checks, and transitioning into a new role is overwhelming. But Audrey made it as easy as possible for me and I can’t thank her enough! I highly recommend working with Audrey and The Administrative Alliance if you or someone you know is looking into taking next steps in their career paths!

Meliza C
Underwriting Assistant

Transitioning into new employment can be nerve racking however, that was not the case for myself. From the beginning, Audrey provided countless amount of detailed information making this process very smooth. She was able to answer my questions and concerns promptly and ensured my personal information was safe. Now a week into my new employment, I couldn’t be happier with my career advancement and will be recommending anyone that is looking for employment to seek The Administrative Alliance.

K. Lawrence
Collections Coordinator

Working with Diana & her team has made the recruiting process extremely easy. They take the tedious work of filtering through resumes for eligible candidates and allow for a seamless onboarding process. I have worked with them for two openings and they were able to find me qualified candidates in a timely manner while being competitive with their wages & fees. I will certainly work with them in the future and would highly recommend The Administrative Alliance to other business or human resource managers looking for new hires to bring onto their teams.

Operations Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey and Diana who helped me find my latest role. They were kind, considerate, so professional, and were accessible whenever I had a question, or needed to talk. They supported me throughout the experience, and Audrey even let me know when she couldn’t reach my reference, so that I could reach out to them and not delay the process further. Audrey has a great smile and personality and was a pleasure to work with.  I am so happy I got the chance to connect with her and The Administrative Alliance! I look forward to my new role, and new beginnings thanks to Audrey and Diana!

Vidhu R.
Senior HR Generalist

I had the pleasure of working with Farah to find my dream job. Farah was extremely professional and communicative and made me feel supported and comfortable throughout my interview process. She was transparent, answered all my questions and kept me in the loop the whole time–truly an amazing experience from start to finish. If you’re looking for help with your job search, I would recommend Farah and The Administrative Alliance every time. Thank you, Farah!

Julia G.
Events Coordinator

Diana and Audrey have been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! I have never met such a professional and dedicated recruitment team. I cannot thank you enough for your support and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career. Thank you both!

Linda F.
Executive Assistant

I got a great career opportunity, thanks to Audrey and Diana. Audrey kept me informed throughout the process and was quick to reply to all my enquiries. She also went above and beyond to help me. Diana was very professional and pleasant. She prepared me for my interview by providing all the information she had about the position. She was also very quick to call and update. They are truly excited and happy for you when you get a job offer letter. I would definitely recommend The Administrative Alliance to everyone!

M. Samuel
Billing Clerk

I had the pleasure of working with Diana Battista. She was very professional very quick and knowledgeable she went above and beyond to help me find a role that is a perfect fit. Thank you again Diana for all your help you’ve been great.

A. Nicholson
, Medical Administrator

I was contacted by Audrey from The Administrative Alliance for a potential opportunity in Property Management. Audrey was very professional and courteous from the first time we spoke. Audrey kept me informed throughout the process and was always available to speak to me. I was the successful candidate and started my new opportunity which I wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of The Administrative Alliance.

Corinna S
Office Administrator

I recently had the privilege of working with Diana, and had nothing short of a great experience. Diana was highly communicative, and it was clear early in the process that she genuinely cares about finding the right fit for the candidates she represents. I went into each interview calm and comfortable, thanks to the guidance she provided beforehand. I would highly recommend Diana to any prospective job seekers, or those who may be looking to take their career to the next level.

Christine B
Executive Assistant

I recently had the pleasure of working with Diana Battista from The Administrative Alliance. I was contacted through LinkedIn and with Diana’s help was able to find a role that aligned with my skillset. I had never worked with a recruiter and was not sure what the process looked like however Diana worked with me each step of the way from assisting with my resume to setting up an interview. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m looking forward to this new step in my career. Thank you to Diana and The Administrative Alliance for this smooth transition!

J. Blake

I worked with Diana Battista of The Administrative Alliance to secure my next career opportunity and I can’t thank her enough. Diana took the time to get to know me professionally and personally and was very thorough when presenting me with a couple different opportunities she was confident I would be a good fit for. Whenever I had the pleasure of speaking with Diana, she was always warm, understanding and supportive. She supported me throughout the entire process and made everything seamless on my end – something I really appreciated as a busy young professional. I am so grateful Diana found me and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for their next career move.

Glenda A
HR and Office Manager

Audrey and Diana have been a pleasure to work with. Both are long term career minded professional recruiters. Their network within the financial/professional realm lead to me a fantastic and unique opportunity. I definitely would recommend Administrative Alliance to other professionals.

Corporate Secretary

I had the pleasure of connecting with Audrey Keates for an amazing opportunity that aligned with my professional background. Throughout the process, Audrey kept me in the loop, had some informative discussions, and really went out of her way to guide me through the recruitment process. Thank you Audrey for always being transparent and quick to always respond to any concerns! If you want a recruiter to really work for you and your best interest, Audrey is your person. Thank you Audrey for always going above and beyond!

X. Gonzales
Office Administrator

I have been in Canada for more than 7 months now and have come across various recruiting agencies and worked with them for a few roles that I applied for. While I am appreciative about them approaching me, the most professional service was from “The Administrative Alliance” a division of “The Mason Group”. I really enjoyed every step of the discussion I had with Audrey and Diana. They were very professional and were clear in their communication. I never felt intimidated by them, and they helped me prepare for the interview as well as explaining what the company required of me. I will surely recommend “The Administrative Alliance” to my friends and family. Thank you Audrey and Diana for your help in finding me the perfect role.

Sam K
Procurement Manager

I highly recommend Audrey and The Administrative Alliance. Audrey was very thorough and gave me a very good overview of the position and the company. Audrey and Diana were extremely helpful during the interview process. They kept me in the loop every step of the way so I didn’t feel anxious or impatient and they were wonderful at helping me prepare. They are prompt with their responses and were able to answer the many questions that I had. I would certainly recommend them to everyone I know that is searching for a position that suits them! Thank you both so much for all your help.

Yasha M.
Insurance Advisor

It was an absolute pleasure working with Diana in securing my dream job. From the very first phone call to the successful conclusion of the hiring process, my experience with her was beyond pleasant. She was highly professional, yet warm & kind. I got my dream job in one week! Thank you Diana.

Kehinde A
Insurance Advisor

Words cannot describe the amount of effort that The Administrative Alliance puts into their recruitment process. It is amazing to have dealt with a search firm that actually makes you feel wanted and has my best interest at heart. Diana and Audrey were wonderful and helped me through the process from the initial phone call, prepping me for the interviews and lastly going through the offer in detail to ensure I was 100% satisfied. I’m truly blessed and can’t thank this team enough for this great opportunity. I highly recommend The Administrative Alliance!

 S. Nazari
Bilingual Recruiter

I was referred to the Administrative Alliance search firm to assist with filling a senior level vacancy. Diana Battista was highly recommended, and she did not disappoint! From our first meeting, I found Diana to be genuine and extremely skilled in her craft. She took the time to thoroughly understand our organization and culture. As a result, she quickly identified qualified candidates that would be a match for our organization. Throughout the process, Diana demonstrated a high level of integrity and was able to adapt to any requirements that changed. My overall experience with the Administrative Alliance and Diana was truly exceptional. It was a pleasure to work her and I would not hesitate to use this firm in the future.

Antoinette R.
VP, Client Solutions

We enjoyed our experience working with Diana and The Administrative Alliance team. Diana worked closely with our team to learn about the skillsets, experience and cultural fit we were looking for in a candidate. The feedback was reflected in the high quality of candidates that were presented to us. We look forward to working with Diana and The Administrative Alliance in the future!

Daniel S.
Development Associate

The Administrative Alliance continues to be a valued partner of Morneau Shepell. My team and I have reached out to Diana Battista on several occasions to assist with sourcing talent for our most challenging positions and have been very impressed with the quality of talent and level of service she has provided. Diana takes the time to understand the skill set required, the organizational fit and culture, and has consistently produced top talent for consideration. Diana has an intuitive nature that we have come to appreciate and trust. We recently added a bilingual recruiter to our team and Diana was able to source, identify and secure a candidate that matched exactly what we were looking for. We are extremely pleased with the services Diana and her team have provided and I would enthusiastically recommend Diana and her team.

Stephen Muscat
Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition

Diana and Audrey recently helped me secure a position for a wonderful company as a Development Administrative Assistant. Audrey and Diana worked with me for several weeks to help find me a position suitable to my skills and experience. They are both extremely professional while also being very warm and easy to talk to. They consistently kept me updated on next steps which eased a lot of the anxiety that comes along with a job search. I thoroughly enjoyed working with both of these women and would not hesitate to recommend any friend or family member to reach out to them for their own job search.

Rebecca F.
Development Administrative Assistant

I cannot fully express my gratitude to The Administrative Alliance and my consultant, Audrey Keates who helped me secure my dream role of a Supply Chain Manager in an established Pharma company. I appreciated their fast response, transparent communication and coordination in a timely and efficient manner. What sets apart this search firm is that they work for the best outcome and interests of the candidate. My consultant spent a lot of time understanding my strengths, career interests and matched me with the right opportunity. I highly recommend The Administrative Alliance to career seekers.

Midhun H.
Supply Chain Manager

Dear Audrey and Diana, thank you for the immeasurable support you provided to ensure that I got a job as a Contract Manager. From reviewing my resume, prepping me for the interviews and the continuous moral and professional support, it was delightfully intense. The Administrative Alliance team exhibited professionalism in their performance and their wealth of experience was obvious as the whole process from the first interview to the offer took less than 2 weeks! I am grateful that you put the human into human resources and I will recommend your team over and over again.

Afolabi L.
Contract Manager

This was my first time being recruited and I want to especially thank Audrey as she was the first and only person I had been in contact with throughout the process. She was quick to respond and answered any of the questions that I had. I know that Audrey and Diana were the ones who worked on my file and I have only good things to say about the experience I had altogether. A big thank you to both of you for making this go as smoothly as it did. Have been recommending The Administrative Alliance to everyone that I know. Cheers!

Mortgage Fulfilment Specialist

During these hard times with the Covid-19, I had the opportunity to apply for a position with The Administrative Alliance for a bilingual customer service role. Audrey and Diana were very professional, helpful with all the paperwork and had no problem with them keeping me in the loop. I got the job thanks to them and I would recommend The Administrative Alliance.

Suzanne C.
Customer Service

I want to thank Audrey K. from The Administrative Alliance, she has been a great help for me with my job search, quick to respond and also got back to me with any type of necessary information I needed. The Administrative Alliance is one of the best staffing firms I have worked with since I came to Canada, the representatives are very nice and competent. I had a very wonderful experience and I have and will recommend The Administrative Alliance to everyone that I know.

Leticia M
Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Audrey and Diana were both really helpful at every stage of the interview and employment process. Very friendly and professional at the same time. I was kept fully informed throughout the whole process and never felt that I’d been left in the dark or wondering if I was still “in the running” for a position. When the time comes in the future to be looking for my next challenge The Administrative Alliance will be the first company I will be getting in touch with. Thank you for providing such an outstanding experience. And a big thank you to Audrey and Diana.

Wallis R.
Bilingual Customer Service Representative

I was recently working with Administrative Alliance in my search for new employment. Diana and Audrey were absolutely amazing to work with. They are caring, kind, compassionate people that go above and beyond in assisting people like me find their perfect jobs. Anytime I had a question they were there to answer it they helped me through the interview process right through to the offer stage and were very supportive the whole way through. I would refer any and all of my friends and family to Audrey and Diana. Thank you both for making this such an easy, non stressful process for me. Yours truly, Jayson.

Jayson F.
Account Representative/Mortgage Underwriter

The Administrative Alliance is the most professional recruiter group I have come across. They are prompt, motivating and extremely thorough in their approach. When we are looking for jobs, we are already very worked up and at this time you look for a recruiter who not only understands your skills but also is supportive and motivating and Audrey and Diana have all this to offer you. My experience with the Administrative Alliance was great. They were prompt in replying to emails, updated me with every progress and guided me every step of the way. They are extremely organized and approachable. I highly recommend The Administrative Alliance for your job search. My heartfelt thanks to Audrey and Diana for paving the path to my dream job.

Office Administrator