5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Confidence Matters

Confidence is the gateway to success, to the life you want, and to the dreams that you desire, allowing you to boldly progress towards your greatest ambitions and aspirations. Confidence not only makes day-to-day life more manageable, but also helps you handle the daily demands and challenges that life will inevitably throw at you.

So, if confidence breeds success, are you as confident (and successful) as you can be? Read on as we share 5 ways to help you build your self-confidence, make it seem less daunting, and help you strive towards fulfillment and achievement.

1) Be positive, no matter the situation or position you’re in

Stray from those in your life who put you down and make you feel less than. Instead, try to surround yourself with supportive people. It’s important to focus on the positive aspects in your life, rather than those that need work. Negativity only works to shred your self-confidence, so do anything you have to in order to mitigate this feeling. Succeeding when faced with difficulties is a great confidence booster, so even when things seem too hard, don’t get discouraged and tell yourself you will push past them.

2) Fake it ‘til you make it

Some people might be perceived as very confident individuals, when in reality, they’re just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. This is where the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” comes into play. But beware, faking it until you make it only works when you successfully identify what’s holding you back. Behaving like the person you want to become is about changing the way you think and the way you feel.

3) Don’t compare yourself to others

Most people, when comparing themselves with others, slowly and over time, convince themselves that they aren’t good enough, smart enough, or talented enough. Our advice? Stop comparing yourself to others, because you’ll always come up short. Instead, compare your current self to who you were yesterday and work on making changes on that foundation of comparison to yourself.

4) Appearances matter

Your body language and image depict a story. Even if you’re not feeling confident, the way you present yourself can change that. For example, a confident person will capture a room as soon as he/she walks in. To project self-confidence, try standing up straight with your shoulders back, make eye contact, and have a calm and relaxed smile and facial expression. This will make others around you feel comfortable. Dressing professionally and appropriately is also key in how others will perceive you. When you look your best, you will also feel your best, and that means feeling confident as well.

5) Invest in your own future

When that little voice in your head tells you not to take a risk because you’ll fail, push this voice to the back of your mind. Learn how to trust your gut and take action! As long as you let fear hold you back, negativity will follow you everywhere. Prepare for future opportunities and make sure you’re ready to seize them when they’re presented to you.

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