How Much Does A CPA Make In Canada?

Results From The 2015 CPA Profession Compensation Study Are Now Available!

This past summer, CPA Canada commissioned Harris Poll (a division of Nielsen) to conduct a compensation survey of nearly 30,000 CPAs across Canada. The survey was based on self-reported 2014 compensation figures provided by members of the CPA profession.

Recently The Mason Group established a BC office in Vancouver. The rationale for the decision is evident when you consider the infographic and the demand for accountants in British Columbia. Here are a few more highlights from the study that show why accounting is a good career choice, no matter where you work:

CPA Compensation Results Across Provinces And Territories

Alberta led all Canadian provinces with an average compensation of $184,000. Ontario and British Columbia ranked second and fourth, with an average compensation of $150,000 and $138,000 respectively.

The rankings according to median compensation were similar, with Alberta ($132,000), Ontario ($108,000), and British Columbia ($100,000) ranked in the same positions. The mean compensation among all of the Canadian provinces and territories was $146,000 and the median was $106,000.

CPA Compensation Results Among Major Cities

Among major cities in all Canadian provinces, CPA members in Grande Prairie, Alberta and Wood Buffalo, Alberta topped the list with mean compensation of $225,000 (median: $155,000) and $214,000 (median: $197,000) respectively. CPAs in Toronto reported an average compensation of $167,000 (with median compensation of $114,000), and $145,000 in Vancouver (median: $102,000).

CPA Compensation Results By Industry

Members working in the Mining, Holding and Conglomerate and Oil and Gas industries reported the highest mean compensation overall ($227,000; $223,000; and $212,000 respectively). This is consistent with compensation levels reported in 2012 where the same three industries received the highest mean compensation.

While a cursory reading of CPA Canada’s 2015 CPA Profession Compensation Study would suggest that being the CEO of a mining or energy company in northern Alberta is the most lucrative position, a more thorough review of the key findings shows that a CPA designation will deliver attractive financial benefits in every industry or region.


Read the full report on CPABC’s website.


How Much Do CPAs Make? - Infographic


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