How to determine if you aced your interview

You just walked out of a job interview. You answered every single question to perfection and explained exactly how and why you would be an asset to the team and company.

You think you have it in the bag. But do you really? Was it all in your head? How can you tell if you aced your interview?  The period of time between an interview and hearing back from a potential employer can be very stressful, to say the least. And overthinking it will only add to your stress.

Follow along as we list the top 5 signs the interview went well.

1) The interview ran longer than anticipated

If your interview runs longer than the previously set time, this is a very good sign. It means that the interviewer is liking what they hear. It also shows that they were really connecting with you. Connecting with the interviewer is not always easy, thus if you were able to accomplish this, it’s definitely something that could help set you apart from other candidates interviewing for the job.

2) Your conversation flowed naturally

While this may seem like common knowledge, when you are nervous or on edge (as you likely are in a job interview), conversations may feel unnatural, forced, or even awkward and uncomfortable. If your interview felt less like an interrogation and more like a conversation, that’s a very positive sign.

Another way to tell in the interview went well is by evaluating your interviewer’s body language. “Does the recruiter seem interested with what you’re saying? Are they leaning forward? Smiling? Are they making eye contact?” All of these positive body language cues indicate the interviewer is engaged and interested in the conversation.

3) You’re introduced to other employees

The interviewer taking the time to introduce you to different members of the team is a clear sign that they think you would be a good fit for the job. “No one will make the time to introduce you to other people within the organization if they’re not impressed with you,” says Mitch Goldstein, President at The Mason Group. This step shows they thought highly of you and could also be a way for them to see how you fit in with the other employees.

4) The interviewer discussed the future and next steps

If your interviewer discusses a start date, suggests next steps, or asks what other interviews you may have lined up, it’s likely that you made a great impression. Questions like “are you considering any other positions?” or “have you been on any other interviews?” may be asked, and while it may seem like your interviewer is simply taking an interest in your life or making small talk, this isn’t the case. Really, it’s showing that they want to see how serious you are about the job, and perhaps also make you an offer before it’s too late. Discussing the job in detail and describing what your responsibilities would be show that they are serious about you and can already envision you in the role.

5) They responded quickly to your follow up email

Sending a thank you email after a job interview is always a good idea, as it shows how serious and passionate you are about the role. If your email received an immediate response thanking you for your time, that’s a clear sign that you are on their mind and that they are seriously interested in your candidacy. If their email included next steps, even better, the job might very well be yours!


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