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In life and business, a first impression is everything, and in the world of business, a first impression is often made on paper through your resume. Creating a strong resume is the first step of any effective job search. It’s your chance to stand apart from competing talents and make a substantial impression on potential recruiters and employers.

Commanding attention is CRUCIAL. An employer or recruiter gives your resume about 30 seconds and many won’t flip to page two,” says Katherine Marr, Director of Permanent Search at The Mason Group. Harsh, but true. At The Mason Group, our expert accounting and finance recruiters see hundreds of resumes a day. To guide you, we’ve whipped up a list of proven strategies to help you build a stellar resume.  

Here’s your step-by-step template to an attention-commanding resume that will bring you one step closer to step 2: the interview.  Click here to download a copy.

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