Study: Boost Job Interview Chances by 71% With A LinkedIn Profile

A Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Will Boost Job Interview Chances

You wouldn’t submit a half-finished resume, would you? That same rule holds true for your LinkedIn profile. Having a comprehensive LinkedIn profile in today’s current job market is more important than ever before. “Incomplete profiles make it more difficult to determine whether you’re the best match for the job, because we can’t get the whole picture. It’s a bad first impression,” says Jeffrey Horowitz, Partner at The Mason Group.

Furthermore, a new study by resume writing service ResumeGo found that job seekers with a broad and comprehensive LinkedIn profile were 71% more likely to get a callback for a job interview than job applicants without any presence on LinkedIn. To determine just how important LinkedIn has become in modern-day job hunting, ResumeGo conducted a field experiment between October 2018 and March 2019. During this period, a total of 24, 570 fake resumes were submitted to job openings such as Glassdoor and Indeed.

From the fictitious resumes that were submitted, one third didn’t include a link to the candidate’s Linkedin profile, another third contained a link to a very basic and incomplete profile, while the final third linked to an extensive and broad profile.


The results of the study showed that the applicants with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile got a callback rate of 13.5%, which is 71% higher than the 7.9% callback rate of candidates with no links to their Linkedin profile on their resume. The study also categorized jobs by entry-level, mid-level, and managerial-level. As the job level increased, the callback rate decreased, suggesting that for more senior roles, the importance of a LinkedIn profile slightly goes down.

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