Employment Types


In today’s job market, there are numerous reasons why accounting, finance and banking professionals decide to pursue permanent or contract job opportunities. Whichever you choose, the recruitment consultants at The Mason Group will work with you to meet your career objectives every step of the way.

In addition to providing you with job search assistance, The Mason Group is committed to your ongoing professional development:

  • We provide feedback and advice on your resume
  • We can help you improve your interviewing skills
  • We provide career coaching
  • We give you information about the qualifications you’ll need to achieve your career goals faster



For a secure, stable relationship with an employer that is invested in professional growth, advancement opportunities and comprehensive benefit plans, permanent employment is the best avenue to pursue.

The expert recruitment consultants in our Permanent Division can help you find the right job in accounting, finance or banking.



A contract job opportunity or a career as a contract worker is the way to go if you are looking for an employment relationship that provides flexibility, variety, exposure to new functions/systems, and compensation commensurate with your skills and level of experience.

The expert recruiters in our Contract Division can help you find the right job in accounting, finance or banking.


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