In the quest to attract and retain top-tier talent, mastering compensation strategies has never held more significance for organizational success. From salary structures to additional incentives, maintaining a competitive edge in compensation within the accounting & finance sector remains crucial.

Curious about how salary changes might impact how much you can expect to be paid or how much you should be paying talent in this evolving landscape? The Mason Group’s 2024 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide has you covered. With verified salary data across a spectrum of accounting & finance jobs throughout the GTA and Vancouver, our 2024 Salary Guide offers insightful perspectives into these two competitive job markets.

For accounting job seekers, our salary guide stands as an indispensable resource, providing a feel for market-rate salaries across the GTA and Vancouver. Approach salary negotiations armed with confidence, equipped with a deeper understanding of your true value as an accounting and finance professional. Employers can harness this data to optimize their recruitment strategies, tailored to the demands of today’s fiercely competitive workforce.

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How Much Should You Earn or Pay in 2024?

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Explore our 2024 Salary Guide to compare market-rate salaries for finance and accounting positions across the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Areas. Negotiate your salary with confidence.

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Recruit and retain the best candidates for your roles. Use our 2024 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide to develop a competitive compensation and benefits package to attract and retain top skilled talent.

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What’s in the Salary Guide

Salaries for hundreds of positions across the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Areas defined by average, low, and high. Verified data was collected from October 1, 2022, to October 1, 2023.