Salary information sources

Assessing the salary for a particular position within the Accounting and Finance industry can sometimes be more art than science. Fortunately, there are various salary information sources available, providing data and insights to make this a more predictable science.

Accounting and Finance Jobs Salary Trends

As with many business sectors, the accounting salary trends are always changing. The average salary for accounting and finance jobs in Canada varies city by city. Major cities such as Toronto offer more compensation than what might be available in smaller cities or rural regions.

Fair market rates are mainly assigned based on a candidate’s skills and qualifications. At the start of a career, a typical accountant may expect a median salary range of between $60,000 and $75,000, although a lot of other variables are at play.

As more experience is accumulated, the accountant salary rises at a consistent and regular interval. Furthermore, an accountant or someone in a finance position can leverage their experience to access lucrative job offers. With increased skills and responsibilities demanded, these accounting and finance job positions might offer a higher salary.

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Other salary tools

We also find these salary tools, which calculate salary by profession and geographic area, as useful references.